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Pretoria Montessori Preschool is an environment-friendly preschool based on the Montessori educational approach, located in Pretoria.

We are committed to the principles of Maria Montessori and the provision of a safe, secure and happy environment for the children.

At Pretoria Montessori Preschool, each child develops at his or her own pace, in the prepared Montessori environment with the specially designed Montessori materials. Children are encouraged not to compare themselves with others but to do their very best every day. There will be an atmosphere of calm as children concentrate on what they are doing for surprisingly long periods of time. Children work individually, or in a group with a friend.

Our two branches are situated in Garsfontein and Brooklyn

Word from principal

I believe in the respect of will and pace of each child.

Every child and every individual is special. Even in the case whereby they could be siblings or even twins, we cannot expect them to have the same ability.

The question “WHY the one can do it and not other?” is irrelevant in the Montessori system.

Our motto is: “Committed to excellence and success”.

I carry this motto in my heart with the objective that together, we will be able to work towards its fulfillment.

We, at PTA Montessori, will always do our very best to create a warm and conducive environment which will permit the children to feel at home and welcomed.

Our doors are opened, should you want to visit us at your convenient time.

Stay blessed!